Billing & Fees

All credit card payments are handled through PayPal and use secure technology to protect your private information. Payment information is never stored or processed directly on Capital Counseling Services’ web site.  Information collected by PayPal will not include your private clinical records.  PayPal services are utilized as a way to facilitate payments quickly and conveniently so clients make the most of their scheduled sessions.

In the interest of transparency I provide my fee structure online to potential and current clients.

Coaching & Consultations

Fees for coaching and consultation services provided to schools, parents and professionals are variable depending on type, duration or length of time, focus, scope of work and nature of the training and/or coaching process offered. Initial consultation fee is $227 per 60 minutes.

Counseling & Insurance

Working with insurance companies and managed care organizations require the sharing of detailed information, on an ongoing basis, about you and your treatment progress. They also place various limits on the process and duration of counseling and psychotherapy services. I firmly believe the counseling relationship is highly therapeutic. I honor the therapeutic relationship established in the unique work I offer by taking confidentiality very seriously. The work you do during sessions is very personal and, as such, requires us to make decisions that are necessary for you to see the best results in the shortest time necessary in an supportive environment. As a result, I do not participate with any insurance panels; however, most of clients who have out of network benefits get reimbursed about 65%-85% of fees. Patients are also eligible for reimbursement through their employer’s health savings account (HSA) or flexible savings account (FSA).

Family/couple psychotherapy is charged at a rate of $200 per forty-five (45) minute session or $267 per sixty (60) minute session.

Individual psychotherapy sessions are charged at a rate of $170 per forty-five (45) minute session or $227 per sixty (60) minute session.

A $10 discount is given to clients when payment is provided with a personal check or cash.  All established client related phone calls under fifteen (15) minutes are not charged.

Sessions provided through the use of distance technology (phone, video systems, etc.) are charged at a prorated rate based on the modality provided (individual or couple psychotherapy). Payment is required when web enabled (distance counseling) or initial appointments are scheduled. All new clients are seen in person for an initial assessment to determine appropriateness for distance counseling services.

Group psychotherapy, workshops, and trainings are charged at variable rates depending on type, duration, focus and nature of the contracted processes provided.

Written assessments and treatment related letters, etc. are completed during face to face or distance counseling sessions only.


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!Confidentiality Notice: Please be advised that Capital Counseling Services, LLC (CCS) is not able to ensure confidentiality via the internet or standard e mail. To send a confidential e mail message and to access confidential video counseling services click here and you will be directed to the Secure Client Area. New clients click here to complete registration that will, in turn, enable you to access the Secure Client Area. Confidentiality is assured when calls are made directly to CCS at (571)344-5926. You may also leave a confidential voice mail message at this number.