Changing Taboos: Healthy Sexuality Today


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Leather chaps, whips and chains, heteroflexibility (bisexuality), mixed orientation relationships and sado-masochism as a spiritual practice are among the range of sexualities being widely practiced in today’s post-gay marriage world. To date, healthy sexuality has been rooted in conservative, puritanical and hetero-normative perspectives of sexuality. In this presentation, Peter Chirinos, LPC will define and explore emerging new boundaries of healthy sexuality in today’s rapidly changing culture. Whether these sexualities are deemed healthy are, to some respects, determined by our personal attitudes, beliefs and morals. These inevitably shape our professional understanding, discernment, acceptance and support of the challenges inherent in these expressions. Do we limit our clients? Or, do we perpetuate socially and culturally held biases?

Becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable requires therapists to be willing to explore their own sexual discomforts. Before we can help our clients become comfortable with their sexuality, however strange, bizarre or forbidden, we need to become self aware of and address our own limitations and hidden sexual phobias as it pertains to facilitating clients’ goals. In this presentation, Peter will discuss these issues from his professional experiences and case studies.

Peter Chirinos, MA specializes in sex therapy and intimacy. He brings over twenty years of varied professional experience working in the behavioral health field. He is the founder of Capital Counseling Services, LLC in Arlington, VA. As a sex therapist, Peter works extensively with couples and individuals of all sexual orientations and is well known for successfully working with people struggling with inhibited sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory disorders, out-of-control sexual behavior (‘sex addiction’), infidelity, gender (transgender) and sexual identity concerns and mixed orientation relationships. Other professionals seek out Peter’s knowledge and expertise regarding cases involving atypical sexual arousal patterns (i.e. kink, fetish, BDSM). He’s a professional clinical member of the Society for Sex Therapy and Researched, a Licensed Professional Counselor in Virginia, a National Certified Counselor and Distance Credentialed Counselor. Peter offers intensive couples psychotherapy and group counseling.

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