In the role of consultant brief or longer term targeted expert professionally advice which cover a range of topics and issues. As an expert consultant services focus on maximizing personal and professional growth potential in various contexts (business acumen, career advancement, inter- and intra-personal relationships, etc.). This enables and requires a holistic approach. Coaching and consulting is often synonymous with personal and professional coaching. The following are highlighted differences between the role of consultation/coaching and psychotherapy:


Professional Counselor

Incorporates business, psychological, metaphorical models to address goals

Medical model

Strengths based

Psychopathological focus

In office, virtual/web enabled & environment based observations & interventions

Office based services

Focused on current & future personal & professional achievements & goals

Focused on past and current relationship and personal deficits

Creative, active and dynamic interactions

Passive interactions

Collegial partnership and/or teacher/student dynamic

Teacher/student based relationship

Movement from functional to exceptional

Movement from dysfunction to functional or prevention of further dysfunction

Holistic and comprehensive

Psychologically, medically (behavioral) focused

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