Couples Therapy

When a couple comes in for their first session with me, I provide them with an overview of the three (3) part evaluation process that is specific for this particular modality. These three phases include 1-the initial couple session in which both partners are present; 2-meeting with each partner, individually, to gain an understanding of the issues from their subjective perspective and experience (two separate individual evaluative counseling sessions); and 3-a couple session to provide feedback and a recommendation for ongoing treatment. The phases of treatment are general guidelines and are flexible depending upon clinical issues that are presented and/or alternative relationship structures.

In my experience, the most common concerns couples seek sex therapy for include; the treatment of erectile dysfunction, decreased or absent sexual desire (libido), or sexual pain disorders are greatly encouraged to have both partners present during their first session. In my practice, I strongly encourage, support and promote that both partners work in collaboration with me to result in the most effective treatment. When both partners are able to create and maintain a strong sense of collaborative effort in the early phases of couples counseling and psychotherapy, their ability to resolve the issues and grow in intimacy increases. Sex therapy with one partner of a dyad is more complicated and requires different clinical and therapeutic strategies.

To maximize focus of the time during your first session, I ask that each couple please fill out the intake forms prior to the scheduled session. Please email me now to schedule an appointment and have these forms sent to you. If you choose to read and fill out these forms when you arrive for your first session, then please be sure to arrive early.  In this case, the forms will be waiting for you in the waiting room.




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