Healthy Sexuality


My presentation on emerging definitions of healthy sexuality went very well!  So well I am developing a full day and two day expanded trainings for participants to gain a better understanding of the definition in the context of non-mainstream sexual expressions.  I was able to provide clinical guidelines on defining healthy sexuality when it is applied to clients who practice BDSM, SM, poly-dynamics, mixed-orientation relationships and transgender individuals. Most importantly, I was able to challenge other clinicians’ psycho-pathologizing of sexual expressions that vastly different than their own previous conceived ideas.   The idea of healthy sexuality is an integral part of sex therapy.   All too often patients come to into counseling with a very clear idea of negative definitions of sexuality and sexual expression.  It is defined by feelings of shame and guilt, primarily.  But when I ask people to define what they view is healthy they struggle quite significantly.   Or, they provide a less detailed and vague notion of what it means; much less, what it means for them.  The process of clearly defining healthy sexuality is one that involves understanding deeply hidden desires, secrets and expressing your ‘voice’.  Healthy sexuality is very individualized and embodies a sense of pride in who you are and how you express yourself, regardless of it being typical of the mainstream population.  Call me now to find out more.

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