Men May be Prompted to Seek More Sex Partners …

An interesting article entitled “Men May Be Prompted to Seek More Sex Partners in a Permanently Dismal Economy” suggests that persistent economic hardship may lead men to stray away from their long-term committed relationships because of a perceived threatening environment and low survivability.  This article offers an understanding based on sexual selection theory and evolutionary psychology to explain the potential for infidelity.

There are many compounding factors that lead men, as well as women, to seek and maintain sexual relationships outside of their primary relationship.  These factors may include but are not limited to any number of the following:

  1. Satisfying a secrete fetish and/or same-sex interest
  2. Desire to expand on limited sexual experiences
  3. Not feeling validated, loved, or sexually desired by their primary partner
  4. Compensating for a primary partner’s physical/medical condition which limits prevents sexual activity
  5. Desire to maintain heightened feelings of power and eroticism that are derived from the ability to maintain long term secret and taboo relationships or sexual behaviors

The causes of infidelity are numerous because relationship dynamics are unique to the specific couple.  But there is hope.  I have worked with many couples from all walks of life and have assisted them in facing and recovering from infidelity.  Don’t allow hopelessness and resentment to overcome you and your relationship. 

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