malesymbol_croppedCapital Counseling Services, LLC provides a wide range of services to address men’s health needs.

In my practice, I see many men seeking therapy for poor sexual performance, relationship concerns, lack of romantic affiliation, infidelity, sexual addiction or unresolved/unidentified sexual emotional trauma.  I’ve also work extensively with men who are confused about their sexual identity or orientation.

Most often, shame, guilt and embarrassment have prevented them from seeking sex therapy or couples counseling until sexual secrets are discovered.  Men tend to hyper-focus on work as a distraction from resolving problematic issues related to men’s health.

In my experience, frequently, it is the spouse who encourages a man to begin therapy and typically as a last resort before a divorce or separation.  One of the performance issues that may be addressed is an inability to obtain or consistently maintain an erection sufficient for satisfying sexual activity.  Premature ejaculation may also be a singular or co-occurring problem as well.  Some men experience erectile dysfunction because of prostate cancer surgery, psychological or physical trauma, or insufficient endocrine functioning (low or fluctuating hormone levels).

Others experience a lack of sexual desire for their partner or complete lack of or declined interest in any sexual activity. Many male clients who come for treatment have questions regarding sexual orientation, gender variant behavior, alternative or non-mainstream (atypical) sexual interests or arousal patterns. These concerns may occur with or without a partner.

Sexual compulsive behaviors, both thoughts and feelings (sex addiction) are other major concerns for men and their partner.  Additionally, I have worked extensively with many men with these concerns as well as those who have been the victims of sexual assault or physical and psychological trauma either as a child or an adult.   Men also come into therapy with me to address unresolved sexual or emotional trauma experienced as a child or during early adulthood or an ongoing lack of healthy emotional attachment with a partner.

Sometimes, men are seeking support to work through anger related to these event(s), emotionally connecting with others, and seeking an understanding of how trauma has impacted their sexuality, masculinity and relationships. All of these concerns are very treatable; therapy with me has led many men to move beyond the shame, guilt and humiliation that imprisoned their lives.

I feel honored to have helped men and couples during times of shame, embarrassment, hopelessness and depression. In the work they have done with me, they feel they have developed the strength and capacity to overcome their hidden secrets and create fulfilling and authentic lives with themselves and their partner.




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