What is sex therapy?

Sex therapy at Capital Counseling Services, LLC encompasses the treatment of a broad range of topics associated with human sexuality.

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Sex therapy for men

Men seek therapy for poor sexual performance, relationship concerns, lack of romantic affiliation, infidelity, sexual addiction or unresolved/unidentified sexual emotional trauma.

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Sex therapy for women

Many women find comfort in seeking an unbiased, clinical opinion when dealing with a partner’s recently discovered a-typical sexual behavior.

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Sex therapy for couples

The most common concerns couples seek sex therapy for include; the treatment of erectile dysfunction, decreased or absent sexual desire (libido), or sexual pain disorders.

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Capital Counseling Services, LLC provides help to men and women who are heterosexual, bisexual, or homosexual to work through various mental and sexual health issues.

Sex therapy encompasses the treatment of a broad range of topics associated with human sexuality and explores, within context, the meaning and an applied definition of healthly sexuality. Peter believes that healthy sexuality is an integral part of sex therapy and which is unique to each person.

Treatment sessions do not involve touching in any way.The focus of sex therapy is on understanding and treating sexual dysfunction and intimacy within the context of and with respect for the client’s preferences, personal experiences, morals and ethics, as well as their religious and cultural beliefs.

Professional sex therapists and counselors adhere to ethical guidelines set forth by certifying associations.

Peters’ professional experience with sex therapy includes but is not limited to, working with individuals and couples with erectile dysfunction, internet porn addiction, premature, delayed or inhibited ejaculation, sexual trauma and clients who are questioning their sexual orientation. He is a sex positive therapist and welcomes clients of any gender, sexual orientation or relationship status.