What is sex therapy?

Sex therapy at Capital Counseling Services, LLC encompasses the treatment of a broad range of topics associated with human sexuality.

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Sex therapy for men

Men seek therapy for poor sexual performance, relationship concerns, lack of romantic affiliation, infidelity, sexual addiction or unresolved/unidentified sexual emotional trauma.

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Sex therapy for women

Many women find comfort in seeking an unbiased, clinical opinion when dealing with a partner’s recently discovered a-typical sexual behavior.

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Sex therapy for couples

The most common concerns couples seek sex therapy for include; the treatment of erectile dysfunction, decreased or absent sexual desire (libido), or sexual pain disorders.

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Capital Counseling Services, LLC (CCS) provides a number of professional services to clients in and around Arlington, VA and Washington, DC. Offerings include:

Capital Counseling Services, LLC was established to focus on assisting individuals, families and the community with issues related to positive sexuality. CCS is uniquely positioned to provide an integrated approach through education, coaching and consultation to provide support to individuals, families and schools dealing with emerging and atypical sexual expression and identity.

Additionally, CCS provides treatment of general mental health issues while having a special emphasis and expertise in sex positive sex therapy and emerging alternative and atypical sexuality. The following are addressed:

CCS works equally with heterosexual (straight), homosexual (gay & lesbian), bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning and intersexed (GLBTQQI) individuals.